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Palm FFB Oil Mills

Reception Station
The function of this station is, receiving and storage of FFB brought from the estate, in Lorries, to Mill and delivery of FFB to process.
Sterilization Station
To inactive the enzymes that promote the formation of Free Fatty Acid.
To make easy the fruits loosen from the bunch.
To break oil cells in the mesocarp so that oil recovery is easier.
To minimize water content in the fruits.
Stripping / Threshing Station
For separation of the fruits from the bunch using the rotary drum.
Pressing Station
For extraction of oil and nut of kernel. This station consists of Digester unit, Screw Press unit and Conveying Equipments.
Clarification Station
For separation of crude oil and sludge to make pure oil
Kernel Recovery Station
For nut processing to recover Kernels
This station can be divided into three process, i.e. : Depericarper, Nut Cracking and Kernel Drying.
Depericarper for separating Fibre and Nut.
Nut Cracking for separation of kernel and shell..

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Oil Mill Plant
Oil Mill Plant
Oil Mill Plant
Oil Mill Plant

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